Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Don't Get Cheated: Top 5 Tricks Jewellers Use

Buying a diamond ring can be a long journey. The last thing you want is to get hustled by your jeweller.

Several of our clients have shared with us their stories of these cases that happened to them. This happens more common that you think! I've compiled the 5 most common tricks that jewellers do.

Shop safe!

- Casey Lai

Monday, 27 February 2017

A Customized Solitaire Diamond Ring with Wings

The sky's the limit for our ring customization services. All of our ring customization services comes with complimentary 3D renders where we'll create a realistic 3D image of your ring design, based on your diamond and finger proportions. This will give you a realistic view of your ring design in various angles.

We were approached by a client to customise a solitaire wing designed ring for his partner. He selected a Super Ideal Cut diamond, which is known for its outstanding fire and brilliance (as you can see in the video below). The wings was done in rose gold, while we left the band in white gold to highlight that features of the design and to bring out the intricate feather details of the ring.

In our first 3D render, we created a draft below to get a rough idea of the overall look and feel of the ring. We made the feathers overlaying each other, with the outline of the wings following the contour of the band.

After some brainstorming and a few tweaks, we ended up with the finalized design below!
To make the wings more realistic, we modelled it to look as it is flapping upwards towards the sky. The feathers and wings was made longer to highlight the detailing of each feather, giving the whole ring a realistic appearance.

Have a look at the video below and see how the finshed ring turned out!

- Written by Casey Lai

Friday, 20 January 2017

A Customised Proposal Ring with Pave Side Diamonds

There are many ways to customise your ring to have it more meaningful and symbolic to you and your partner. Edward approached me back in early 2016 to help him cutomise his perfect proposal ring. He chose a Super Ideal Cut diamond, which known for its amazing light performance aka bling. After all, who wouldn't want a super sparkly diamond? :)

He put alot of effort and thought in his ring design, and shared with us on the small little details and hidden messages he wanted to incorporate into his ring. On the side profile view, a carefully designed "R" is done to represent a boy and a girl, holding hands and kissing. This was meant to be an abstract design to symbolize this, while keeping the elegantly designed. 

After some discussion and several tweaks, we came up with his 3D render to give a preview of his ring! Using the diamond he selected, we laser scanned it into our program, which allowed us to use the same dimensions of his diamond into the 3D render. This gives us a realistic view of his ring's overall proportions. This is very useful for those who have a tough time visualising their ring.
Notice the heart shape tip prongs?

Using the 3D render, we proceeded to handcraft his ring. 
Below is the finished product!

Here's a close up video  :)

 "The actual proposal was actually done at the peak of Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru :) It was 5000 ft above sea level. I showed her a self-made video when we reached the peak, and placed the RnR ring in a custom made book ring box just like the same as in "Up" cartoon movie. After she finished watching the video with the theme : "Our Adventure Book", i kneel down and propose to her. Here are some great photos of the actual proposal 😊 Thanks for sharing the photo of the ring with rainbow backdrop at the Iguazu Fall. We saw the clear rainbow, and it reminded us of the beautiful 121017 moments at the Rainbow Mountain 😊"- Edward Ding

Iguaza Fall in Argentina/Brazil

Congratulations to Edward & Hong Rui!!

- Written by Casey Lai

Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring

Classic solitaire ring designs are always one of the most popular ring design as they are timeless and easy to match with wedding bands. If you're wondering if you should go for 4 or 6 prongs ring designs, you can check out here.

For now, we'll be showcasing a classic solitaire 4 prongs proposal ring. We added a special touch to this by creating a cathedral setting (the 2 triangle holes on the side). This gives the appearance that the main diamond is elevated, where you want the main focus to be! Also, we kept the side profile view of the prong head clean, where you're able to see the complete side view of the main diamond.

Here's a video of it! The main diamond is a Super Ideal Cut 0.71 G VS2. Enjoy!

- Written by Casey Lai

Friday, 2 December 2016

A Customised Solitaire Proposal Ring for Aivin

Aivin approached us to customise his proposal ring, with the inspiration of creating his very own engagement ring design. Although he didn't manage to visit our jewelry store in Singapore as he was located in Malaysia, all communications was done over email. This was a smooth and easy process where we managed to shortlist a diamond in his specifications and provide its scope images online.

Aivin created his own unique design from sketches, and forwarded them to us. This was a straight forward approach, where we simply followed his drawings and created a 3D render. From the side view, the prong head has a heart shape filigree. From his original design, we further customized additional filigrees in the cathedral gaps of the band. Overall, it gave the ring an intricate and whimsical look. From the top view, its shows a simple classic 6 prongs solitaire proposal ring, while on the sides, it reveals an intricate story.

Once the 3D render was approved, we proceeded to handcraft his ring with end product below. Each of our rings are individually handcrafted by our Mastercrafter. The beauty to this is that it gives the ring an organic look where the diamond and ring design complements each other.

We expedited his ring be be handcrafted before his proposal trip at Mount Fuji. Aivin shared with us some of his proposal and engagement ring photos below.

Proposal at Mount Fuji

Proposal at Mount Fuji

and some amazing diamond ring handshots.

Aivin's advice for the lads would be: "The satisfactions of designing your own ring is exquisite, you will notice small details  about your partner and what suits her most, and knowing she deserve the one and only design in this world because she is the special one. So, Just Do It! "

- Casey Lai

Friday, 25 November 2016

Octagon Hearts & Arrows Diamond on a Tapered Channel Pave Ring

The Octagon Hearts & Arrows diamond outshines traditional cuts thanks to its 88 facets and 8 Hearts & Arrows. It's a very bright, very firey and very very brilliant diamond. Under the light performance tools such as the Ideal and ASET scope, it shows great amount of light return and a perfect balance between brightness and contrast. 

It this video, the Octagon is set on a customized tapered channel pave ring, comlementing the main diammond. From the side profile view, the cathedral setting (triangle gaps) accentuates the centre diamond, by creating the appearance that the diamond sits higher on the crown.

- Written by Casey Lai

Monday, 21 November 2016

JP Signature Cuts on a Hand

Showcasing our JP Signature cut diamonds on a hand. Each of our Signature cuts are meticulously handpicked to be the most brilliant diamond in its own class. Using the latest technology and tools, they are cut to maximize its light performance, surpassing the brightness, fire and scintillation of other traditional cuts.

JP Super Ideal Rounds are the traditional 57 faceted, 8 Hearts & Arrows diamond that is cut to the most exacting standard. Each Super Ideal Cut diamond goes through our stringent quality selection, involving several demanding criteria. All of our diamonds are handpicked to ensure that each is cut to the maximum light performance and is guaranteed to outperform any other 57 facets round.

JANNPAUL utilizes the latest technology such as the HCA tool, Ideal scope, ASET scope and Hearts & Arrows scope to analyze each diamond. No other jewellers in the world follow the same ambitious standards as JANNPAUL. Only a handful of diamonds are able to meet our uncompromising requirements. When you receive a JP Super Ideal Round diamond, you are guaranteed the most brilliant diamond. 

For more information about the Super Ideal Cut, click here.

The Solasfera Round is one of the very few modified round diamonds that manages to retain its Hearts & Arrows patterning. It is cut with an astounding 91 facets and 10 Hearts & Arrows. 

The exacting symmetry of Solasfera's cuts, which are crafted with unparalleled precision, creates a perfect optical patterning that makes a diamond's sparkle visible from afar. It is cut to obtain the maximum light return, showing a full red on the Ideal Scope, intensifying the brightness of the diamond. The additional Hearts & Arrows patterning in the diamond creates a breathtaking scintillation. Unlike others in the industry, Solasfera diamonds are always cut to maximize beauty, not size.

The most breathtaking diamonds exude the greatest brilliance (white light), fire (color light) and sparkle (scintillation). Every Solasfera diamond must measure off the charts in all three categories to earn its name. Each Solasfera comes with an independent light performance lab report (Gemex), to certify that it attains the highest possible grading in all 3 categories. 

For more information about the Solafera, click here.

The Cushion Brellia is the world's first Cushion Hearts & Arrows diamond. The sheer brightness of the Brellia even surpasses most rounds. It was made to have such brightness to enhance the whiteness, emphasizing on the arrows. It proved to be the most brilliant Cushion diamond to have ever been cut.

The Brellia has 57 facets in virtually the same pattern as the finest Super Ideal cut round, retaining the same scintillation. The pavilions (Arrows) of the Brellia are designed wider to create large bold flashes of fire that can be seen at further distance. 

Each Brellia diamond is cut and polished to the most exacting standards on earth. A standard known as "Super Ideal Cuts". It achieves the perfection of hearts and arrows with an AGS 000 cut grade, resulting in the highest brilliancy.

For more information about the Cushion Brellia, click here.

We are proud to introduce the world's first Octagon Hearts & Arrows diamond, also known as the D'amor. The Octagon Hearts & Arrows is intricately cut with 88 facets, 8 sides, 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows. The 88 facets increases the scintillation, creating a mesmerizing dance in the sparkle when you move your diamond ring finger. Despite the higher facets, it manages to retain the traditional 8 Hearts & Arrows patterning, maximizing the fire and colorful burst of light. It achieves the best of both worlds, optimizing the fire and scintillation, resulting in the most brilliant diamond in the world.

The unique shape of the Octagon adds playfulness to the diamond. It allows the wearer to create his/her own look. It can be set into a more squarish or roundish feature by simply rotating the diamond. The extraordinary octagon shape with the 8 perfectly symmetrical sides highlights the strong identity of the diamond. 

For more information about the Octagon, click here.

The Octavia diamond brings step cut diamonds to a whole new level. Unlike traditional step cut diamonds like the Asscher or Emerald cut, the Octavia achieves a superior brightness and contrast.
Its improved faceting structure gives it a stronger light return while maintaining a balanced contrast to optimize the fire and sparkle. The unique step cut faceting gives the diamond a more dimensional appearance. Any slight movement will create strong bursts of fire rippling throughout the diamond. The Octavia is the most brilliant and unparalleled step cut diamond in the world.

For more information about the Octavia, click here.

- Written by Casey Lai